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Rhythm Play!™ The Author

Kenya Masala Facilitates Za Boom Ba

Kenya Solomon. Masala is a national organizational development consultant and trainer. As co-director of the Source Consulting Group, he delivers a unique blend of innovative, cutting edge information on maximizing workplace and community interactions, utilizing powerful kinesthetic experiences to drive home the learning.

He facilitates training seminars, leadership development programs, outdoor adventure experiences, and educational percussion programs. He also designs and develops multimedia curricula and interactive presentations on a national level. Kenya is an X8 endorsed rhythm program facilitator and recently produced and directed the powerful Interactive Theatrical Experience: Za Boom Ba!
He is the published author of the international classic rhythm activity books,"Rhythm Play!™" and 1, 2, Let's All Groove, has also released his second album, "Spacious Time."

Solomon is a dose of invigoration and vitality. With a charismatic style and effusive energy, he engages participants in highly effective and authentic growth. He ushers groups through the hard work of deepening and expanding excellence, and inspires them to celebration!

Clients have included

Chevron, Dell Inc. | APS | Fujitsu | The Nature Conservancy | Lululemon | ConocoPhillips | Qwest | Premera Blue Cross | SHAPE Magazine | Canyon Ranch Health Resort and Spa | Texas Instruments, The City of Phoenix | The City of Tucson | The Chopra Center for Well Being | The University of Arizona | | The University of Texas | The Colorado Department of Education | The Maine Department of Education

Rhythm Play!™ The Presenting Team

The team of exceptional presenters includes Gabriela Masala.

Gabriela Masala, M.A., is an energetic, creative, and multi-talented facilitator. She works extensively with groups and individuals in the areas of wellness and personal development. She masterfully blends expressive arts, yoga, dance, and ecumenical spirituality in programs that nurture mind, body and soul.  Gabriela effortlessly creates a community context for authentic expression, intuitive depth and sacred wisdom to come alive. Her diverse clients speak highly of her playful vitality, which inspires their innate joy, and life celebration. Canyon Ranch Health Resort and Spa.

How can I order a book?

Rhythm Play is available in paperback with CD or Adobe PDF format. For more information or to order your copy, e-mail: solomon@sourceconsultinggroup.com, or click here for the order page.

Rhythm Play!™ trainings coming this fall in Austin, TX!
E-mail for more info: solomon@sourceconsultinggroup.com

Order a copy of Rhythm Play.

Praise for Rhythm Play!™

Thank you for the wonderful ideas you have passed along in your Rhythm Activity Book! Our participants were laughing, loosening up and totally engaged! We have all ages (from 11 to 77) in the group - and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.We got the book only a couple of days ago - and with the results of this one activity - we can't wait to try more!

Thank you, again.

Ken Ferree, Facilitator  

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