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Rhythm Play!™ Resources

Rhythm Books, Websites and Guides to Creative Teaching, Creative Classrooms, Rhythm Activities and Games, Drumming and Other Resources

We are fortunate to have an incredible abundance of talented presenters and rhythm facilitators creating books, CD's and DVD's with rhythm as the focus. Here are just a few, let us know your favorites! We'll add them to the list.

Rhythm Books and Authors

Get these and a huge selection of drums, DVDs, CDs and children’s music at West Music.

Kalani All About Jembe,
All About Bongo / Conga Together in Rhythm
The Amazing Jamnasium
EXCELLENT educational and “learn to play” books; Kalani also had videos and CD’s...his matarials are top notch!
Arthur Hull Drum Circle Sprit The first drum circle facilitation book; includes a CD
Christine Stevens The Art and Heart of Drum Circles Another great book on drum circle facilitation

Mamady Keita

My Life for the Djembe

De Facto info on culture rhythms; includes notation and a CD

Bill Matthews

Drum Talk / Conga Joy

Fantastic rhythm notations and information; also available as a CD or video in VHS format

Christine Stevens Lynn Kliener

Sound Shape Playbook

More great Sound Shape® games by two masterful facilitators; with CD

Layne Redmond

When the Drummers Were Women; A Spiritual History of Rhythm

Fascinating history and lore

Martin Klabunde

West African Rhythms Sourcebook

Excellent info on culture rhythms; includes notation and a CD .

Yaya Diallo

The Healing Drum

Drum history and lore

Sule Greg Wilson

The Drummer’s Path

Spirituality and energy of drumming

Robert Lawrence Freidman

The Healing Power of the Drum

Amazing stories that tell the power of rhythm and drumming

Mickey Hart

Planet Drum / Drumming at the Edge

Drum history and lore

Rocky Maffit

Rhythm and Beauty

Well done overview of global percussion instruments…wonderful pictures; includes a CD

Dave Holland Interactive Rhythm Superb collection of games with booklet and DVD!


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Rhythm Websites

Use Rhythm to Teach Math!

Drum with your Middle Schoolers.

Make music with the little ones.

Clcik here for more excellent resources (music, websites).

Sites for teachers list tremendous learning resources.

Praise for Rhythm Play!™

I came back to school yesterday and just flipped it open and used the World Tour. My kids loved it and I had a lot of fun too! This morning, my fourth graders and I made a rhythm recipe of deep dish pizza and right now my fifth graders are in their small groups writing their rhythm stories! I can't wait to hear them. This is a great book!

K Gibson
Music Specialist, Coppell Independent School District

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How can I order a book?

Rhythm Play!™ is available in paperback with an audio CD or in Adobe PDF format.

For more information or to order your copy, click here to order Rhythm Play!™, or click here to e-mail Kenya.