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Rhythm Games for Music Class

Searching for rhythm games for a music class ? Rhythm Play! by Kenya Masala is an excellent and fun resource for rhythm games for music classes and other learning and academic situations.

To view a sample of the contents found within Rhythm Play or to view photos of the activities in action, please click on the links below.

View a sample of the rhythm activities, drumming games, and rhythm lessons found in Kenya Masala's book, Rhythm Play.

View photos of the group rhythm activities in action. 

Praise for Rhythm Play!™

Thank you for the wonderful ideas you have passed along in your Rhythm Activity Book! Our participants were laughing, loosening up and totally engaged! We have all ages (from 11 to 77) in the group - and they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.We got the book only a couple of days ago - and with the results of this one activity - we can't wait to try more!

Thank you, again.

Ken Ferree,

View more testimonials about the rhythm activities and rhythm games found in the book.

How can I order a book?

Rhythm Play is available in paperback with CD or Adobe PDF format. For more information or to order your copy, click here to e-mail Kenya, or click on the order link below.

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